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India is Sorrounded by most beautiful countries to visit with in a short period. These countries are full of culture, Flora, Adventure, sun, sand, sea, beaches, hills & other keys for different tourists of different purpose. The tourists from all over the world, mostly prefer to visit some countries wich are neighbouring countries of India .

Travel within India would take almost a lifetime but short side-trips to nieghbouring countries are both possible and often prove an interesting extension of the experience and sights of India . India has beauty in its neighbouring countries also. The most visited, beautiful, colourful & preferred tourist destinations around the India are Nepal , Bhutan , Tibet , Srilanka & Maldives.

Nepal - Nepal is the home of the world's highest mountains, historic cities and the forested plains where the lordly tigers and the great one - horned rhinocers trundle at ease.

Bhutan - Situated in the heart of the Great Himalayas, the world's mightiest range; Bhutan is flanked on the north and north west by Tibet , the plains of north-east India to the south and south-west and the hills of India 's north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh to the east.

On the roof of the world, shoe horned into the grand Himalaya , Bhutan , the thunder Dragon, is a fiercely independent kingdom. With an area slightly larger than Switzerland , there are only about 600,000 people. The name Bhutan appears to derive from the ancient Indian term "Bhotanta" which means the end of land of the Bhots, it could also extend from the Sanskrit word Bhu'uttan or highland.

Tibet - The Country lies high in the arid wilderness of the Tibetan mountains, it's name the "Roof of the World" is no idle statement. The valley bottoms of Tibet are higher than the highest mountains elsewhere. It's snow covered plateaux are the highest in the world, and apart from the Everest, which Tibetans see from 'the other side', many mountains are over 15000 feet. The world's most extraordinary destination and there is adventure indeed lurking around almost each and every corner.


Srilanka – Srilanka, a place where y ou will find terraced tea plantations, water falls and lakes, unspoiled palm lined beaches with coral reefs, rice paddies, wildlife parks filled with animals in their native and much more...

Being a tropical country, the low lying coastal regions have a year round temperature of 27 C, Kandy averages 20-25 C and Nuwara Eliya 10-20 C.

Maldives - The Sun, the Sand & the Sea. These are just the three simple realities beckoning tourists from far and wide to these little islets, giving as a result, a glorious sense of happiness and proving to be a heavenly getaway from the world and its worries. The Maldives teaches the visitors the pleasurable art of doing nothing, simply lazing around and enjoying some of the most spectacular and colourful vistas offered by Nature. No wonder then that tourists flock in large numbers to the 70 odd self-contained island resorts ;provided with all the comforts and warmth exuded by traditional Maldivian hospitality. That is why Maldives is considered to be the ultimate destination, the future world for holiday-makers.

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